Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ruby on Rails 2.0 forum

I decided to start work on a forum today. Using the concepts I learned in Akita On Rails's tutorial to route a comment into a blog post can be similarly used to route a post to a forum and a reply to a post. I might look into something more complicated later such as a reply to a reply(digg style). I'm going to start by getting it all working regularly and then attempt to add in some AJAX to make it look spiffy.

Anyway, first I decided that I needed some kind of Authentication for accounts, sessions, and whatnot so I went back to my favorite resource and checked out the screencast RESTful Authentication tutorial.

There were a couple small problems I ran into, I'm assuming because there is a new version of act_as_state_machine plugin that has came out since the tutorial that was wrote. I will add that to the post tomorrow, along with a tutorialized version of all the steps I have taken so far.

Oh, and here are some beginner resources/tutorials I have found around the net the past few days:

Well thats it, will update you on my forum app tomorrow. Thanks for coming, and feel free to spread the word!

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Anonymous said...

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