Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rails 2.0 Links

Decided to make a post with links to all the good resources I have come across so far. I'll be putting a permanent link to it on the sidebar. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any links you would like me to add. - Lots of good screencasts; Restful Authentication, AWDR's Depot app for Rails 2.0

Rails Envy - They have a great ActiveRecord intro video here, among other things

Railscasts - Should need no introduction :)

Planet Ruby on Rails - Has feeds from many different Rails blogs all in one convenient place

InstantRails - For you Windows users, this program is a quick way to get up and going with Rails

DanielFischer.comTutorial for using Gmail as a mail server for a Rails project.

Jonathan s ng - ActionMailer Tutorial

Render Examples - Great render examples, helps when needing to render things with AJAX

Absolute Moron's Guide to Forms in Rails - Great form tutorial

Will be adding many more links in the days to come, this is just a preliminary list. Also, I would like to get some links for setting up Rails for development on several OS's(Linux flavors, MAC, ...), so if you have any please leave a comment.



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Thomas said...

Nice, I posted something similar to this on my blog after I launched my project. I even gave you credit on there too. You can see it at